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Melinda Polet, Hawaii-Fi non-profit art organization

Hosted by Melinda Polet


Pahoa, HI


12 - 16


8 - 10


In this workshop, young actors will be able to explore character acting through transformation. We will be using Stanislov method acting techniques through monologue and song. Bring a costume and character developments you've already made and a song will be chosen as well as a monologue by the instructor. This is a team effort however, so be open to exploration and "scoring" your script and song.   Don't try and "fit" or mold into the character too much beforehand. For example, if you really like a certain character from a book, movie, or literature, try not to overthink it and instead, prepare with an open mind as to what is possible to explore. We will be looking into back story for your characters as well.

Character Transformation workshop hosted by Melinda Polet, Hawaii-Fi non-profit art organization

Character Transformation workshop: vibes, outfits, and unleashing creativity on stage! 🎭✨


This is a place where positivity meets creativity on stage! 🌟🎭 #TransformYourself


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